Naya Rivera Clears Up Big Sean Split And Quick Wedding To Ryan Dorsey!

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Naya Rivera  has some explaining to do! Remember when  Naya caught us by surprise when she married Ryan Dorsey quickly after her Big Sean split and now she says the two guys never overlapped. She dated Dorsey back in 2010 and stayed in touch with her ex. “The media eschewed it into this whole thing,” Rivera told People while talking about her new book, Sorry Not Sorry. “To this day, I’ll be doing interviews and people will be, like, ‘Oh my God! Y’all were friends?’ I’m, like, ‘What are you talking about?’ ”

So there you have it Naya and Ryan got back together after her Big Sean split—3 months to be exact! The couple have been married two years now and have a son together. “It was good to tell our story and put the truth out there,” Rivera added. “We’ve been married now two years and have a gorgeous son and it feels good to let everyone know what really happened.”Naya also opened up about her abortion during her stint on Glee and her anorexia during high school.

Photo from PR Photos