New “It” Trend: Nautical Apparel

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The Nautical trend is approaching us soon. Usually we see nautical apparel worn on the high seas (lol)…but when it becomes a trend you can see it everywhere you go. I thought the nautical look was reserved for yachts and Navy Sailors but anyone can wear this trend. All you need is a shirt, pant, shoes or handbag with one or all three colors… red, white and blue (the nautical look is very patriotic) and usually there are stripes and buttons involved. Sailboats and anchors are also very typical of nautical gear. I have to be honest; I have never really worn anything nautical, except maybe a polo shirt. I have no anchors or sailboats on my shirts…lol. I like stripe shirts so maybe I will pick up a cute nautical shirt like the ones shown below…

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