Flea Market Finds

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Are you a Flea Market kinda person? When I was younger and I used to go to Florida with my grandparents and there were these two huge flea markets we used to go to. I loved to go the both flea markets (one was a used and one was new). I like the used flea market because you could find great little finds, like I found a ferret stuffed animal and I LOVED that thing. I may still have it somewhere in my house. I told my BF about it and he was that was gross because it was used but I didn’t care. And I like the new flea market because it had new tee shirts and other great stuff. I also remember what a great haggler my grandfather is (lol!) I haven’t gone to a flea market lately, but I would love to go to a local NYC one. I like walking around and looking at everything they have…it’s so much fun!

Do you like going to the Flea Market? What great things have you found?

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