New Clarins Products –Just in time for Summer!

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 Clarins has a few new summer products. Summer can be brutal on your body and you have to take care of yourself the right way. Although the weather may be great for going to the beach and countless parties when we get home and have that little time to recuperate we have to look after those body parts that are most stressed like our poor, poor feet. Between flip flips and sandals, we torture our feet. They may look cute but they still need tender love and care and with Clarins Foot Beauty Treatment Cream ($25) we have that. This soothing foot beauty cream renews and softens dry skin and beautifies nails. The cream keeps your feet stay hydrated and relieves fatigue and swelling. All you have to do is massage the cream into your feet in the morning or the evening and feel your pain go away. Clarins also has two other summer products, The Super Restorative Wake-up Lotion ($40) and The Super Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask ($62).

The Super Restorative Wake-up Lotion will help you after a long day. The lotion will wake you up by revitalizing your skin and smoothing away sleep marks, fine lines and puffiness. Wow, after a long day at the beach or park or after a party who wouldn’t need a wake me up. The Wake-up Lotion will help with tired or fatigued skin by firming and tightening the skin. You should apply it in the morning on clean skin before putting on your SPF.

 The Super Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask reduces signs of facial stress and helps soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles while soothing skin. After using the mask you skin should be brighter, smoother and more even.




Look for these products in department stores and fine specialty stores beginning in Summer 2009.

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