Nicki Minaj Focusing on Her Career, Not Men!!

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Nicki Minaj is on fire right now and her career is doing great, but what she is missing is a relationship and she is fine with that because she just doesn’t have time for a relationship!!

The US rapper admitted she is so busy with her career that she doesn’t have time for a relationship at the moment, and she only manages to interact with the people who work for her.

She explained: “I have no romance in my life at all, and it’s not important to me right now. I have love for people who are on my team that I see every day and for my family, that’s what makes me do what I do.

“I also have love for people that I interact with. If I have too much of the romantic love, I feel like it will distract me. Right now I feel like a robot.”

Despite having no time for her own relationships, the ‘Your Love’ hitmaker believes her music is great for strong, powerful women who want to gain confidence around men.

She said: “Girls tell me this all the time, ‘Whenever I feel like a bad b***h I play your music.

“I want girls to get confidence listening to me. I want them to feel like they don’t have to play second fiddle to a boy.”

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