Is Nicki Minaj’s Booty Fake, Yes According to Coco!

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The legitimacy of Nicki Minaj’s booty has been a hot topic for a long time now…and only Nicki knows the truth but Coco kinda spilled the beans to Perez Hilton that the booty is fake..Uh Ohh Coco!

Perez Hilton: Do you think Nicki Minaj’s as is real?
Coco: Well I read that it wasn’t. She –
Perez Hilton: You read that it wasn’t?
Coco: Yeah, she, I thought she came out with it?
Perez Hilton: Really?
Coco: Yeah.
Perez Hilton: I don’t know. Scandal.
Coco: Okay, well I heard it from her but –
Perez Hilton: You heard it from her?
Coco: Yeah.
Perez Hilton: She told you? Really?

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