Nikki Reed Backtracks on “Twilight” Co-stars Diss!

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Nikki Reed is back peddeling on a few comments in her recent interview with Seventeen Magazine. Nikki says her comments were taken out of context.

“I really hate having to explain myself because I find it really unclassy,” she told reporters. “But my quotes were really taken out of context. When you say something you can’t always hear exactly the way it sounds and then people have the ability to twist things.”

Nikki went on to explain that she “loves” Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner — but they’re not having sleepovers every weekend!

“It’s not like on a Thursday night I call up Peter [Facinelli] and I’m like ‘hey what are you doing tonight?’” she tells us. “Isn’t a friend you call all the time? It’s not like we’re having sleepovers! But when we see each other it’s like a family, we’ve grown up together. But it’s like high school — you have all of these different personalities and you’re bound to change and grow in different directions.”

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