‘NJ Housewife’ Caroline Manzo No Longer Considers Teresa Giudice a Friend!

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It looks like Caroline’s prediction was truly correct when she said the tide was turning! We have already seen the whole cookbook diss fiasco in the last episode and I can’t wait for the reunion show where we get to see all the drama unfold. Jacqueline has already dropped Teresa as a friend (remember the Twitter war).

Fans of The Real Housewives’ of New Jersey have tuned in this week to witness Teresa fighting with every one of the Housewives, even turning her close and caring friends Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita against her.

Now Caroline talks to Life & Style about how fame has changed her former friend. “I’m done with her,” Caroline tells Life & Style. “We’re housewives, nothing more,” Caroline asserts. “But she believes she’s Angelina Jolie or something!”

“Teresa has no friends — none,” says a Giudice family insider about how the spotlight has turned her into a destructive mess. “They are beyond finished with her.”

During the taping of The Real Housewives reunion special, set to air Oct. 16, all the women — including Teresa’s cousin Kathy Wakile and sister-in-lawMelissa Gorga– ganged up on Teresa, reveals a source close to the cast.

While Jacqueline refused to attend the taping, Caroline wasn’t shy about giving her former friend a piece of her mind on air, calling her selfish. Melissa went even further, calling her a devil who’s “turning evil.”

“She’s a bully,” Caroline tells Life & Style, on newsstands now. “She crossed the line in so many ways in trying to maintain this image that she has, that there were no boundaries.”

Side note, remember when photos surfaced of Joe Giudice having dinner with a female friend, well Life & Style says she is a ‘family friend.’ Hmmm?

Life & Style can reveal that the mystery woman is divorced fitness model Davana Medina, 37, to whom Joe’s been extremely close for years.

While Teresa claims the woman is a family friend — Davana was once her personal trainer — an insider confirms to Life & Style that Joe’s relationship with her goes far deeper than Teresa knows. “Joe actually used to date Davana’s sister before he married Teresa,” reveals a former friend of Davana’s. “But Joe was very close to Davana, as well. He’s been at her house many times, late at night.”

While the mom of four was busy filming season four of her hit Bravo show at the annual Posche fashion show, Joe was grabbing midnight drinks with Davana across town. “They stayed for an hour or so,” says a fellow diner about Joe and Davana, who’s divorced and has a young daughter. “They were definitely friendly. She looked like a younger version of Teresa.”

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