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Beauty nuggets, say whattt? Have you ever fallen in love at first sight, well that’s what happened when I laid my eyes on the nügg Face Masks which kinda look like a combo of a Keurig cup and those new plastic ketchup cups…yes very adorable!  Its like a pocket full of sunshine in the balm of your hand.

The nügg pockets which come in six varieties that can be found at your local Target (or it will be stocked soon, its not at my local store yet).  So what’s this new skin line all about, its about high quality skincare products in a single serve capsule that utilize Natural Oil Dispersion Technology to give you a powerful yet gentle blend of precious oils and extracts the really penetrate the skin. The Natural Oil Dispersion Technology uses physical properties, instead of using chemical surfactants or emulsifier to combine natural oils to penetrate the skin. Fancy!

Each nügg pocket addresses different skin ailments, but all are hydrating with 90% natural or naturally derived active ingredients.

Check out which will suit your skin best below:

  • Soothing – Shea Butter & Chamomile Extract. Helps to calm, balance and hydrate troubled or sensitive skin.
  • Hydrating – Camellia Seed Oil & Spirulina Extract. Intensively hydrates and replenishes dry, dehydrated skin.
  • Exfoliating – Cranberry Seed Oil & Jojoba Beads. Gently removes dead skin cells for a smooth and clear complexion.
  • Deep Cleansing – Cucumber Extract and Jojoba Oil. Removes excess sebum for an ultra clean, shine-free look and feel.
  • Revitalizing – Flaxseed & Peppermint Oil. Revitalizes, refreshes and plumps dull, tired skin for a radiant, energized finish.
  • Anti-Aging – Vitamin B3 & White Tea Extract. Helps to improve skin elasticity and neutralize free radicals.

My first impression:

I used a few of the nügg face masks, all great, but my favorite was the exfoliating one since my skin was feeling a little rough and in need of some exfoliation. My skin was noticeably smoother right after and for at least the next few days.

The mask goes on super creamy and never gets hard like other masks, just a little tacky. It just felt like butta with little beads on my skin. When I washed the mask off just ten minutes later, my skin felt extra soft and super hydrated. Now I do have relatively good skin, which breaks out mostly before that time of the month…TMI…but its true…but my skin still felt all nice and soft.

The pod size of the container is great for taking it on the go…for those of you who travel and don’t want to take a large mask container…this is for you! It’s supposed to be a single serve mask but I would guess you can get 2-3  uses out of one container depending on how much you use. I will definitely buy more too cute to pass up.

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Where to find: Target or Nugg’s online store, $2.99/pod, $15 for a 5 pack.

Sample was provided for review, opinions are my own.

Photos from ME!


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