Octomom Holding a Yard Sale!!

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OMG…Nadya Suleman is holding a yard sale in order to make some cash so she will not be thrown out of her home. I have no idea how much money she will really make…this just looks like a bad idea!

Lending his help to embattled Octomom Nadya Suleman as she faces foreclosure proceedings on her house, comedian and entertainment personality Tattoo is lending his help to the embattled mom of 14 by hosting the Octomom Yard Sale With Tattoo And The Crew. The live event and online auction is slated forSaturday, September 25 in La Habra, California at Nadya’s house from 10am until the babies are asleep.

Streamed live on UStream.TV, Tattoo will be giving a play by play of the event as it happens, including providing rundowns of the items up for auction. All auction items will be available online on eBay for fans around the world to make their bids. Proceeds will go to help the Octomom’s 14 children.

Fans can bid on autographed nursery bras, autographed pregnant panties, numerous Octo toys, the boxers Tattoo was wearing when he found out the amazing news that Nadya was having 8 babies, autographed toys, and so much more. Come take a picture at the event with Octomom and Tattoo and the Crew. Bring your family and friends to a fun, family day you don’t want to miss!

When asked about what motivated Tattoo to put on the event, Tattoo replied, “Nadya is a personal friend and wonderful Mom. We are only trying to help her 14 children. What better way to do that than with a Yard Sale!”

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