Rihanna’s Hair Stylist Dishes About Her New Red Do!!

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Rihanna’s new red hair has become a huge debate from people loving it to people hating it. The new red hair has been referred to as Ronald McDonald hair…It all depends on whether or not Rihanna loves it and she does or so her stylist, Ursula Stephen says!!!

Hollywood Life has the whole scoop…

If you’ve been watching Rihanna lately (who isn’t?) you’ve no doubt noticed her brand new, bright red hair. These extensions are causing quite a commotion (people love it or hate it,) so I decided to contact the pop star’s mane lady, celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen, who is the woman who gave her the signature haircut that spawned a million scissors snipping as well as this new fun look. I asked the celebrity hairstylist about the process to take the singer to a good girl gone red. Here’s what she said:

HL: How was the decision to go red made? Was it yours or Rihanna’s?
Ursula Stephen: It was actually a mutual decision we made together. We had just wanted to do it at different times, but, as it happened in the end, the timing was perfect and we decided to go for it!

HL:Are these extensions? If so, are they real or synthetic?
Ursula Stephen: We’re using real human hair extensions, which are colored. The process to install them is simple: they’re bonded onto her actual hair.

HL:How does she like them. Does she love the new look?
Ursula Stephen: She loves the whole new look, especially the color! It’s her new favorite thing.

HL: Will she have to have relaxers in the meantime? What products will you use to maintain her look?
Ursula Stephen: Rihanna will definitely get relaxers in the meantime. I use Motions Silkening Shine Relaxer System to keep it sleek, shiny, and conditioned.

HL: What would you suggest to women who would like to copy her look? Any advice they can take to their stylist?
Ursula Stephen: My advice when coping someone’s look is always to make it your own! Work with your stylist to create a look that suits you and your personality. If you think this is a look that will suit you and your personality, then work with your stylist to create it!

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