Ojon to the rescue

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My hair was feeling a little dry on the ends and of course I have some split ends so I rummaged through my product drawer and found my Ojon jar ($21 for 1.35 oz., official name–Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment). I have had it for a while but forgot about it. So this morning I slathered on some of the treatment on my ends not my roots because I have fine hair and any treatment weighs down my hair. The treatment comes in a solid form and you can rub it between your hands to heat it up and it becomes an oil and you apply to your hair (I used like 2 dimes sized amounts to cover my whole head). I left it on my hair for like an hour while I did some other stuff around the house. And then I washed my hair as usual and applied a styling serum and blow dried. The result…soft city!!! My ends are super soft, shiny and light. And I have extra volume…that was unexpected. Wonderful product!


Photo from Ojon

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