Do you wear Rompers?

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In case you don’t know what a romper is it’s a one piece jumper set (with shorts). This trend is very adorable but I feel like only little (I mean like a 4 year old) or skinny girls can pull off this trend. I swear my grandmother used to put me in rompers as a little girl and that’s where this trend ended for me. I think you should have good legs for this trend because so much of the leg is exposed (rompers tend to be on the shorter side but there are longer ones). If you are worried about cellulite or anything like that stay away from rompers, but if you are confident then try a romper, they are cute.The Romper above is from Free People ($70). Its adorable. I wish I were the same size as the model…lol!

Have you tried on a romper? Do you like the romper, yes or no?


Photo from Free People

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