Paris Hilton Calls Boyfriend Cy Waits Her ‘Hero’!

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Paris Hilton calls her boyfriend, Cy Waits (of under a year) her hero and its kind of true…he was there when an intruder was found at Paris’ home and he had two knives! Paris stopped by Ellen and discussed her boyfriend and her new reality show, The World According to Paris with friend Brooke Mueller and her whole Charlie Sheen drama!

According to the Insider,

“He’s my hero,” Paris said of her boyfriend. Paris went on to disclose that Cy apparently thwarted a criminal’s plans when he trespassed on the heiress’ property, saying, “I got burglarized a few months ago by this guy who came in with two huge knives… [Cy] stopped him.”

“And he’s just so loyal and amazing,” said Paris. “He’s my best friend. He treats me like a princess. He just got me a car for my birthday which is so sweet.”

When asked about Meuller appearing in “The World According to Paris,” Hilton says: “Let’s just say there’s a lot of drama in the show.” Ellen seeks confirmation that taping has not stopped in recent months: “Because you’re still shooting?” Paris responds: “Yes.”

Ellen presses for more information, asking: “You can’t tell us anything?” Paris will only say: “It’s a surprise. It’s really good. There’s a lot that happens.”

Even though Paris and Cy had that whole drug issue in Las Vegas it seems like Paris is much calmer than she used to be…she looks great!

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