Paris Hilton To Lindsay Lohan: “No one f***s with my family”

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Lindsay Lohan sure is in for it now if you believe Paris Hilton. After Hilton’s little brother Barron got beat up and pointed the finger at Lindsay Lohan (as the fight mastermind), Paris took it personally and wrote a message on Barron’s Instagram page with an image of an injured , “They both will pay for what they did. No one f***s with my family and gets away with it!!”

Police were able to ID Barron’s attacker, after eyewitnesses said it was New York resident Ray Lemoine, but now they want his side of the story. The police were unable to get a hold of him at the home he was allegedly staying…no one was home. And police were also unable to speak with Lindsay who was MIA in Miami after fleeing her hotel according to Page Six. A source revealed, “They had been partying all night, when Lindsay’s current boy toy started talking to Barron about what a nightmare she is and how he wants to end things with her. Barron sympathized with him, but Lindsay overheard and was so angry he was ‘talking smack’ about her. She ordered her friend [to] beat up Barron. Barron has filed a police report naming Lindsay Lohan and his attacker, who is a friend of hers. Miami police are looking for them both. Barron’s face is a mess and he has been seen by a doctor. He is the victim and is really shaken up.”

Another source refutes that claim saying, “The guy was not asked to punch Barron by Lindsay . . . Barron had got in his face.”

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