Adele Lands On The Cover Of Vogue

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Adele looks relaxed an beautiful on the cover of Vogue. The songstress say at 27 she is living her best life.”I feel so comfortable in my own skin. I really like how I look, I like who I am. I like everyone that I surround myself with,” she told Vogue. And she lost weight to keep up with the demand of her tour. “I was trying to get some stamina for my tour. So I lost a bit of weight. Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes – which is really a big problem for me!”

Fact: Adele wrote ‘Chasing Pavements’ after punching her ex in a pub and fleeing. “Chasing Pavements’ came from me running down Oxford Street. I had punched my ex in a pub and then ran away from security.And then I just kept running even though they weren’t chasing me anymore. I was running from something. And I didn’t know what. I was just chasing a pavement. And I was like, Ka-ching! I will get my record-deal money now!”

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