Paris Hilton’s Ex-BF Cy Waits Speaks On Their Break-up!

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Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Cy Waits actually spoke about their break-up and rumor has it that he diddn’t like her lifestyle and the way he was portrayed on her show. Didn’t Cy work in Las Vegas at a nightclub?

“I don’t want to speak for Paris, but this breakup is something I knew for a number of months needed to happen – and we finally saw eye to eye,” Waits told PEOPLE the Electric Daisy Festival, an electronic music festival that drew nearly 225,000 people to Las Vegas. “I need to get back to focusing on my career.”

“In my next relationship I expect honesty, strong values, true communication, commitment, mutual trust and respect, something I didn’t necessarily have recently,” he said. “At the end of the day, I want my partner and I to have the same ethics.”

“When I’m involved with someone, my focus is keeping them safe, trying to keep them out of trouble and always being supportive,” he said. “Partying is not my thing. I live a healthy lifestyle. I avoid drugs. … I have a social cocktail every now and then.”

Hilton did not respond to requests for comment.

Photo from Oxygen

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