Peaches Geldof Died Of Heroin Overdose

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British socialite Peaches dies of a heroin overdose a British coroner revealed on Wednesday according to the AP. Coroner Roger Hatch said the TV personality/model took a dose of the high-purity heroin just before she was found dead in her home near London. Geldof had been weening herself off the drug for the past two years and taking methadone as a substitute as she tried to get herself off the highly addictive drug.

Her husband, Thomas Cohen revealed in a hearing that Geldof had returned to heroin in February, but had seen her flushing her stash of drugs in the toilet. Cohen had been away for the weekend with the couple’s son Astala, 2, when Geldof was found dead, but their other 1-year-old son Phaedra, was home at the time of his mother’s passing.

Geldof’s mother, Paula Yates also died of an overdose when Peaches was just 11.”It’s said that the death of Peaches Geldof-Cohen is history repeating itself, but this not entirely so,” the coroner said. “By November last year she had ceased to take heroin as a result of the considerable treatment and counselling that she had received. This was a significant achievement for her, but for reasons we will never know prior to her death she returned to taking heroin.”

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