Perfect Gift For The Hair Lover!!

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With Black Friday behind us you know what that means…the Holiday shopping season has begun! I have the perfect gift for a special person in your life who really cares about their hair…its a ‘Blowout in a Box.’ Included in the box is T3 Featherweight dryer kit, Living Proof Straight Styling spray, and a Shine & Volume Application Kit which contains Neo-tortoise shell comb to detangle the hair when wet and Ceramic barrel brush for styling. I have been on the lookout for a new blow dryer…might be my next purchase. The kit is pricey at $200, but its an investment!

The entire kit is made to cut down on your styling time, love it!!! People who are looking for that perfect straight looking may be interested in the Living Proof Straight Styling spray. According to Living Proof’s Senior Vice President of Research and Development on Straight Eric Spangler, explains that the spray makes a protective coating on the hair that keeps your hair texture in tact even in humidity ( sounds awesome!).

“Straight contains a new aerosolized PolyFluoroEster delivery system that is virtually weightless and uses very little water. Straight forums an ultra fine, ultra uniform protective coating of PolyfluoroEster on the hair which keeps the hydrogen bonds intact and prevents them from reforming to their original state due to environmental factors such as humidity. Straight is so light it can be re-applied without leaving a residue. It is the first professional quality hair straightener for consumer use of its kind that does not permanently alter hair structure; gives you a straight style for as long as you want it. Can be used on wet or dry hair. We’ve also added ingredients to enhance shine and control static.”

My hair is ok right now ( meaning now that its cold in NYC, it;s behaving!), but I have to try the Straight Styling spray during the summer months…when hot weather is my nemesis!

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