Get The Look: Kate Hudson’s ‘Glee’ Premiere Hairstyle

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Kate Hudson attended the premiere screening of Glee yesterday looking gorgeous as usual…she always looks so fresh, lively and vivacious…and let’s face it…friendly!! Kate’s hairstylist David Babaii, explains how to get her “bun-head” look…below

David prepared Kate’s hair with IT&LY’s Pure Shampoo and Pure Conditioner. After gently towel drying, he applied a small amount of IT&LY’s Pure Water Drops Serum running it through the hair to add shine and nourishment. Next, he blow dried her hair with the IT&LY 2200 Watt Professional Dryer using his hands to quickly dry the hair and enhance her natural curl. Once dry, he brushed Kate’s hair into a high ponytail securing it tightly to create height. Fo the next step, David sprayed IT&LY’s Pure Texture to the ponytail to add texture to her curls. To create the look, David took various sized sections twisting, backcombing and looping them into a cascade of textured waves that he secured using bobby pins. To finish, he sprayed IT&LY’s Pure Definition Hair Spray for a soft natural hold.

Kate talked about her new role on Glee as Rachel’s tough dance instructor, “It’s good. It’s funny ’cause it goes against character for me completely. I’m enjoying it. I get to be really nasty, but underneath it she’s got her demons and eventually I’m going to have to try to figure out how to be a nicer person, and I look forward to seeing how that unfolds.”

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