Pete Wentz Still Friendly with the Simpson’s clan!

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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson may be headed to divorce but that does not mean that everyone has to hate each other…everyone is still friendly especially for little Bronx.

According to Life & Style,

When Pete Wentz arrived at the Ritz Carlton in NYC on March 23, he was greeted with a big hug–from Ashlee’s big sister, Jessica Simpson, and mother, Tina Simpson.

“He was clearly invited,” an eyewitness confirms to Life & Style, noting that Pete seemed down. The topic of discussion? Pete and Ashlee’s 2-year-old son, Bronx. “Tina talked about going to graduations together as a family for Bronx and how they were going to make the future work post-divorce, while Jessica gently analyzed the couple’s sad split. ‘They’re too similar. It was all yin and no yang,’ she said.”

But Pete cleared the air, insisting he has “zero rage toward Ashlee,” says the witness.

Ashlee and Pete called it quits on Feb. 9 after almost three years of marriage.

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