Pia Toscano Reveals She Got ‘Head Start’ on Album!

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Pia Toscano may have been eliminated early from American Idol, but maybe that was a good thing because she has been working on her new album which she hopes will come out soon. Pia will have tons of ballad on her album but she will also have fun dance music. Good for her!

“I kind of got a head start, and I didn’t realize that,” Toscano tells PEOPLE. The singer – who’ll be performing the National Anthem during the live broadcast of PBS’s National Memorial Day concert in Washington, D.C., on Sunday – says her exit from the show gave her more time to focus on crafting her upcoming album.

“During my elimination there were so many things that were running through my mind,” she admits. “I kept saying, ‘What’s going to happen with my career?’ I’m looking at my parents, like ‘Did I let them down?’ [But] we started working right away. I’ve been in the studio and it’s been good.”

Toscano, who became known on Idol as a power-ballad princess, describes her work in progress with famed Interscope Records producer Rodney Jerkins as “a pop album with an R&B influence.”

“It’s definitely going to be big ballads, but there’s also going to be those fun up-tempo songs, those dancing songs,” she reveals. “I feel like on the show people really only saw me in one way, and I want to show the world that I can do other things.”

No official release date for the album has been set, but Toscano hopes it will be sooner than later. “We don’t want to rush anything,” she says. “We want to make sure that we find the perfect sound, the perfect songs. So I’m not sure when exactly, but hopefully soon.”

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