Pia Toscano Will Probably Have To Wait Until Idol is Over to Release Music!

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Not so fast…Pia Toscano may have landed a recording contract with Interscope but that doesn’t mean she will be able to release any music. It wouldn’t make any sense to trump the winner of American Idol like that, then what’s the point of even doing the show. Idol usually keep a short leash on its contestants so, we will see what happen. Even if Pia does get a contract, we won’t hear any music until next year!

According to PopEater,

“When you compete on ‘Idol,’ you must sign one of the strictest contracts in the business,” a former ‘AI’ contestant tells me. “Not only does ‘Idol’ own you for the entire show and live tour that follows, it also controls everything you can do professionally for a long period after that.”

Pia’s rep told E! News over the weekend that all the talk about a done deal is “all rumor,” but it’s completely true that Interscope has big plans for the Queens native, if only they can get their hands on her.

As previously reported, Interscope is already calling every top songwriter and producer to get an album together and rush-release it before the end of the season, but none of this matters unless ‘Idol’ allows her to do it.

“No way do the producers want a contestant who was kicked off having a hit record when the winner hasn’t even been announced yet,” another ‘Idol’ insider tells me. “The first hit song has always been from the winner and this year will be no different.”

If you start having singers who were voted off charting before the show has wrapped, then the entire process loses credibility, my source contends.

“This is about protecting the brand, not about protecting Pia,” the insider says. “She can record as many songs as she wants, but ‘Idol’ will refuse to allow them to be released for now until the show is over.”

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