Pink Knows She Can Be “Mean” Girl!

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Pink on Cosmo

Awww, imagine Pink and a baby…she seems so tough but maybe…just maybe she will melt like butta’ when she has her own kid!

Pink told Cosmopolitan (via HollywoodLife) about having a baby,

“At this point, we’re still trying not to, but I can’t wait to not try not to.”

Pink is still young…she has alot of time for kids!

Pink also admited that she can be a mean girl…

“I’m so dramatic,” says Pink. “And in the past, I’ve been really mean. Carey sat me down one day when we were fighting and said, ‘Baby, when you call me names, it hurts my feelings. Please try to stop.” And I was like ‘Wow, thank you for telling me how you feel.” Now I fight fair.”

I think all girls get a little dramatic…at least more than boys do…lol!

Wow…Pink can do some amazing things with her body!!!

Photo from Cosmopolitan

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