Playboy Approaches Oksana Grigorieva For Some Nudie Pics!

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Playboy has allegedly contacted Oksana Grigorieva ( Mel Gibson’s ex) for an opportunity to shoot some nude photos for the magazine to the tune of $75K. Doesn’t that amount sound small when Playboy was offering JWoww $400K…I’m just saying!

Oksana Grigorieva has an opportunity to get something off her chest — her shirt — because TMZ has learned Playboy Magazine has officially made an offer for a “full nude” spread.

Sources close to the offer tell us Playboy is willing to fork over a cool $75,000 for her trouble — and to sweeten the deal, they’re even willing to give Oksana the cover … a pretty enticing move for a struggling musician looking for some non-Mel publicity.

So far, no word on whether Oksana is considering the move — but with her significant legal debt, it could be the perfect opportunity.

I know she may need the cash but what do you think she should do? Accept or Decline?

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