P!nk Saves Puppy…Pays For Life-Saving Surgery!

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Awww, how sweet is P!nk, she decided to pay for life saving surgery for a puppy that was thrown in an LA river and was left with 3 broken legs…now that’s the spirit of Christmas! The puppy has since recovered and went to a loving family!!

P!nk just came through with a canine Christmas miracle — shelling out $5,000 to pay for emergency life-saving surgery on a puppy that had been tossed in the L.A. river and left for dead.

Sources tell TMZ … P!nk was surfing the Internet recently, when she stumbled upon a story about a puppy that had been thrown off an L.A. overpass … and suffered 3 broken legs when it landed in the L.A. river.

We’re told the dog was in bad shape … and required major surgery FAST … or else.

That’s when P!nk sprung into action — contacting the Ace of Hearts animal rescue organization and offering to pay for any medical expense it took to save the dog’s life.

$5,000 later … the dog went under the knife — and recovered!!

And it gets better — we’re told the dog has since been adopted by a loving family … and will probably get a big, juicy bone for Christmas.

Puppy photo here, her name is Stella! Cute! Why are people so cruel!

Photo from PR Photos

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