Ray J’s Bodyguards Protect Him From Two Drunk Guys!

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Ray J’s bodyguards were doing their jobs this weekend when they protected their client from some drunk guys were starting a fight with Ray J ( or the bodyguards…it’s unknown)and one of the bodyguards punched a guy and left him unconscious.

Ray J’s bodyguards got him out of harm’s way during an alleged run-in with two drunk guys early Friday morning — this while a new video obtained by TMZ shows one of the alleged victims unconscious on the sidewalk.

As TMZ first reported, Ray’s bodyguards got into it with two guys in Hollywood and allegedly handed them quite the beating. An ambulance was called to the scene, but neither of the alleged victims were transported to the hospital.

In the video, a guy can be heard yelling at Ray J, “No, no Ray. I got this … Ray, get in the car!”

Ray J then drives away and when the camera turns, you can see one of the alleged victims out cold on the sidewalk. Later, one of the alleged victims can be seen talking to paramedics while another is treated in the back of an ambulance.

LAPD is investigating the alleged incident. Calls to Ray J’s people were not returned.

Photo from PR Photos

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