Katy Perry “Proud” of Her Huge American Idol Pay Day

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Katy Perry
Hear her roar! Katy Perry struck gold with her new American Idol judging gig—and um she’s worth it if you ask her! The ‘Swish, Swish’ singer confirmed her whopping new Idol salary while talking with 103.5 KTU’s radio host show in NY. KTU host Carolina Bermudez asked Katy about her reported $25 million deal.”I’m sure that you hear in the news people talking about you and the whole American Idol situation that’s come out. Does that ever irk you that people are talking about how much money you make or how much they paid you to be on that show, or are you like ‘Yup, I deserve every last penny’?”

Katy took the high road when asked the money question everybody wanted to know. “You know, I think there’s a couple ways to go about answering that question. One is, first and foremost, the news, the media. I kinda stopped doing a whole lot of print media and I only do radio and TV because context is wild these days. Nobody cares about intention. It’s all clickbait. It’s all a bunch of crap on the Internet. I think ‘www’ stands for wild, wild, west,” Katy said before adding she was proud of what she is getting paid. “I’m really proud that, as a woman, I got paid. And you know why? I got paid like more than like pretty much any guy that’s been on that show. And, by the way, I love men. So I’m a paid woman and I’m ready for a beautiful man.”

So what made Katy join the show years after she was originally asked to join! “I really wanted to join this show at the right time. I always have. We’ve always been in negotations for several years—it’s never been right, but now when they kind of like brought it to a new home…it’s perfect.”

And what kind of judge can we expect from the colorful Katy. “I’m going to be the same judge I’ve always been and I’m not judgy. I [give] constructive criticism. The reality is I am polite, but firm and I am super realistic.”

Side note, earlier this week Katy confirmed her beef with frenemy Taylor Swift, but she’s ready to put the drama behind her and move on. When asked on another radio station if she would be willing to FaceTime with Taylor she said,  “Absolutely. By the way, I am ready because I think when women unite, the world is going to heal.”

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