‘Real Housewives’ Porsha Williams Breaks Silence On Reunion Fight!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Williams may be in a little trouble after her fight with Kenya Moore during the reunion show, but the reality starlet stopped by Access her side of the story, “”It was so emotional and when I hit that floor and I started screaming and NeNe was covering my mouth and, you know, Phaedra was standing there. It was like sisters because, you know, this show is difficult for all of us. They come at me, I come at them, we come at each other. But at the end of the day, we can all pick up the phone and call each other and say, ‘Hey, how do you feel today? I know today’s taping was rough.'”

She continued, “Kenya doesn’t have that relationship with any of us. So when they saw me on the floor – I’m sorry I’m getting emotional because it was hard, I’m sorry – when they saw me on the floor and they knew what I had taken from her, and they knew the bullying she had put me through for two years straight. I’m feeling successful for once on my own. And, here I am sitting on the couch strong, and here [Kenya] is wanting to tear me down. And, so I’m on the floor and I feel like my sisters were around me. They wanted to make sure that I was OK at that moment. And for me, I will never ever forget that, ever. I don’t care where this show goes for me. I will never forget those women for being there for me. I feel like they’re backing me… I stand for a bigger purpose. This is not just about Porsha, you know, because I don’t even feel like people have gotten to know Porsha. I think people are standing up for bullying. People are standing up for someone who doesn’t show another human respect.”

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