Review’d: Clarins Multi-Active Serum

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Clarins is just one of those skimcare companies that live, eat and breathe skin.

The Clarins Multi-Active Skin Renewal Serum is the first serum to combine age-fighting and self-exfoliating benefits. The combination of two key ingredients Phytosphingosine and Nopal flower extract provide fatigued skin with a youth-boosting brightness. This powerful formula is also extremely gentle by stimulating the natural exfoliation process without the use of harsh chemicals. The result is rejuvenated skin.

What will it do for me?

Stimulates cell turnover and reinforces barrier function to increase skin’s resistance to dehydration

Strengthens the adherence of the epidermis to the dermis reducing the appearance of wrinkles

Increases collagen synthesis slowing its breakdown to restore firmness

Inhibits the release of inflammatory makers, soothing the skin and restoring it to optimal condition

Price $62  for 1.05 oz and can be purchased at fine department stores and at


I have been using the  Multi-Active Serum for the past two months and I love it! The serum is not clear like some other serums, but a light, creamy white serum. It does have a flowery fragrance, but I can’t tell once its applied…now to the good part…what did the serum really do for me!

I used the serum mostly at night since I already have so many things for the morning and I had nothing for night, but I did occasionally use it in the morning. Once I applied the cream it gave me a dewy, soft feeling on my skin…kinda like a babies bottom! It’s like instead of wearing a primer…my skin already has a built-in primer…its leaves my skin that silky!

Long term effect… I felt my skin was soft and fresh looking. I have normal skin that is pretty good to me but as I get older…I know that I have to do things now to maintain the health and vitality of my skin. We have to maintain the skin we have so that it stays young as long as possible! Keep aways those wrinkles. And since this serum is self exfoliating…it helps keep skin nice and taut!

The only negative was the price ($62) for a little bottle, but I use it sparingly so it lasts a little longer!

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Photo from Clarins

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