Review’d: Olay Cleansing Body Wash, Plus P&G Basket Giveaway!!!

Olay’s Cleansing Body wash in Luscious embrace smells like flowers in a bottle The cleansing body wash contains jojba butter and crushed orchid extract and comes out in thin liquidy gel like constsentcy and makes a nice lather. I did not feel dry after using the body wash, which is good. There is one thing…for those of you who do not like fragrant body washes (or allergic)this is not for you!  I followed up the body wash with the accompanying lotion, Olay Body Lotion in Luscious embrace. I love the lotion because it dissolves into your skin like a dream and does not leave a lot of residue behind, plus the fragrance is divine! I hate to have lotion all over my hands…its one of my pet peeves!

Price: Olay’s Cleansing Body wash 23.6 Oz, Under $6

Olay Body Lotion 8.4 Fl Oz, Under $5

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**Sample was provided for review by PR Agency, My opinions are my own!**

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