‘Basketball Wives’ Star Laura Govan Talks About Her 80lbs Weight Loss!

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‘Basketball Wives’ star Laura Govan recently dished (to Vibe) on what she did to drop the lbs after her fourth baby…80 pounds to be exact and it looks like she might have a workout DVD?

I played basketball all my life, I even played at a professional level. I blew my knees out and the coach in college didn’t want me to come back too early. So I stayed in my dorm room for like six weeks and they thought I was resting but nobody knew that the whole time I was just training. I was in this cubicle and I was doing a 12-minute regimen every day. I worked out in my room as hard as I could. I was using the phone cord to do jump rope, I bought Tide bottles and was using those to lift weights—I was doing curls with my arms. I had these 12-minute regimens that I was doing in the morning and at night. That’s what I was doing this time around, because with four children I don’t have time. So, when I get up I take those 12 minutes and start doing those workouts and it works for me. On top of that I breast feed and on top of that it was a lot of water, but I did lose 80 lbs and I do attribute it to what I started doing on my own. That’s something that I’m gonna come out with a dvd for.

What’s your diet like?

My diet is terrible. I’m not even gonna lie. I eat a lot of junk food. I eat a lot of Oreos; I’m a snacker. I’ll snack all day but I do eat a lot of nuts and salad with some chicken or some steak, and it’s not like give me a little steak salad, I’m like put that whole steak on that salad and I’ll eat it all! But I just maintain. Right now I’m a size four and I think when I first started the show I was a size 14. It’s also attributed to good genes. I hate when people sit up here and say yeah girl, I don’t do nothing—shut the hell up! There are things that I do and I’m definitely gonna share but not just yet. I’ll put it on dvd and then I’m gonna share.

Imani lost a lot of weight too, did you have anything to do with that?

We motivate each other but Imani did that on her own. She’s amazing. A lot of people give her a lot of backlash, I call it black lash but she’s my homie. She’s dedicated, she works hard and she looks hella good. I’m really proud of Imani.

It’s interesting that you said “blacklash.” Do you feel that Basketball Wives and even Real Housewives of Atlanta or even the Love and Hip-Hop women get more criticism from people than say the Beverly Hills housewives or other White women on similar reality TV shows?

I think we all contribute to the same drama but our stuff is portrayed as ghetto. With White people it’s like, they have money. So, it’s kind of messed up because the way it’s portrayed is jacked up but for the most part we’re doing the same thing they’re doing but we get it harder. And then we’re so hard on each other as women. As Black people it’s hard to succeed or get anywhere. From what I see, White people support each other and you don’t see a lot of Black people supporting each other. I think if we all came together and supported one another we could be running this on some other stuff.

Photo from VH1

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