Rihanna can gets HOW MUCH to attend a fashion show?

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Is it True…CanRihanna really get $100K just to attend a Fashion Show…well the people over at NYMag…say Yes!! Of Course Rihanna can command that much money, she has really grown into a fashionista and someone we look towards for fashion trends.

According to NYMag,

Anonymous industry sources reveal Rihanna fetches $100,000 or more for attending a fashion show. Beyoncé makes less, at around $80,000 to $100,000. The Olsens could each make $80,000 a show, Julianne Moore $60,000, and Blake Lively $50,000. Meanwhile Kristen Bell will go for free as long as hair, makeup, and clothing are provided. Maybe she should go to fewer shows to increase demand. Basic economics, darling.

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