Rihanna’s ‘Last Woman on Earth’ Cover W Magazine Cover!

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Rihanna makes Mad Max and a post-apocalyptic world look tame—at least in the fashion department! The last woman on earth and ruling warrior queen in a dark, dystopian future, for the  W’s September 2016 issue —sounds about right! 

And just for this special shoot…Rihanna wore custom clothes according to Style director of W, Edward Enninful, “When I talked to Rihanna, I told her that I didn’t think she should wear clothes off the runway because a queen gets her clothes made. So then we got designers, like Prada, Margiela, to make specific things for her. With Rihanna, it’s always a collaboration and that’s why I love her so much. So I’ll send her ideas, she’ll bounce them back. It’s not me going, ‘Here you go, Ri.’ It’s 100 percent collaboration. I’ll send her one of the sketches and she’ll say ‘Oh I love it,’ or ‘I wish it was shorter.’”

Side note…Rihanna stopped into the OVOFest to grind on Drake….you know the usual!

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