Robin Thicke’s “Dream Come True”, plus check out a Robin Thicke blast from the past…

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Making it as an artist is hard enough but when you get to work with other artists you admire…it must be a dream come true.

Robin Thicke sat down with MTV to talk about the album and Jay-Z,

“Working with Jay-Z [came about because] he came by the studio, and he heard the album. He was very excited,” Thicke explained to MTV News on the set of his “Sex Therapy” music video. “He jumped on a track called ‘Me I Play.’ ”

Thicke said the track hearkens back to the soulful hip-hop from the early ’90s. “[It’s] kind of like a De La Soul kind of song, but he was really excited about it,” Thicke said, adding that the collaboration was incredible. “To work with him was a dream come true. It was one of the best days ofmy life.”

Must be exciting! Plus, check out this Robin Thicke blast from the past!! I was watching VH1 Soul one day and I heard this guy singing and I said wow he sounds familiar but I didn’t put it together and then I said…Whoa that’s Robin Thicke with long hair!

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