Russell Armstrong: Two Funeral Services!

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After the tragedy of Russell Armstrong’s suicide, there was some tension at how the funeral arrangements would be held and now there is a plan to have two services.

The tension between estranged wife Taylor Armstrong and Russell’s family caused a conflict in planning Armstrong’s funeral, but now E! News can confirm that the two sides have come up with an agreement on how to grieve the loss of their loved one—

Holding two separate services.

The plans include for Russell’s remains to be cremated.His attorney, Ronald Richards, tells E! News the first service will be held in California, and then Russell’s remains will be sent to Texas for a second service.

Richards also said that Taylor’s attorney only just informed one of Russell’s family members of the funeral arrangements, but Taylor has yet to contact Russell’s parents or sister.

“They have now, after the family went public through my office, provided funeral information to a relative, at 4:30 p.m., but have still yet called his mother, father, or sister,” he tells us.

This came right after Richards’ initial comment to us about their funeral plans.

“They [Taylor and her attorney] are playing fast and loose. They have kept the funeral location, service, and time secret from his mother, father, and sister. His sister and father have told me that Taylor has not called them one time,” Richards had said, “The dispute is anyone coming to participate in the funeral in Los Angeles, not sending his remains to Texas.”

Well, we’re glad both sides were able to set their differences aside and compromise.

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