Is Russell Brand Blaming Katy Perry For Their Divorce?

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Russell Brand might be putting all the blame on Katy for their divorce. Katy is still trying to deal with the split, but Russell is being bitter towards her. Part of the reason for their divorce was the lack of time spent together…Katy was on her California Dreams tour for half of their marriage.

Things are ugly in Katy Perry‘s world right now. The 27-year-old pop star wasn’t expecting her marriage to Russell Brand to crumble and is still struggling to come to terms with the split, a friend tells .

“Katy is depressed and confused,” a source close to Katy says. “She can’t believe how cold Russell has been acting toward her. He is very bitter.”

Apparently, Russell hasn’t wanted to discuss the situation with Katy, except to blame her for the divorce.

“He hasn’t taken any responsibility for his part and is behaving like a spoiled brat,” the insider says.

“He has basically cut off all communication with her. HE feels betrayed, which makes absolutely no sense and on top of it, Russell will not open up about why he feels the way he feels. He just keeps playing the blame game! Not only has Katy lost her husband, she feels like she lost her best friend.”

As we first reported, Katy and Russell grew apart throughout the first year of their marriage, in large part because she was on her California Dreams Tour for more than half that time. While Russell wanted a wife at home with him, Katy was playing the role of rock star, which is something she’s happy to continue doing.

“Thankfully, she has concerts overseas to distract her from everything right now,” her friend says.

Russell flew out to Los Angeles from London last weekend to discuss the divorce. However, the split is already messy, with no end in sight.

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