Ryan Lochte Nearly Doesn’t Get Medal Over Grill Controversy!

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Swimmer Ryan Lochte has been flashing his grill for years now but it looks like people at the Olympics are not too keen on his diamond filled mouth and was told he would not take the podium if he had the grill in! Obviously he took it out!

According to USAToday,

Lochte said he was told he wouldn’t receive his medal if he wore the grill on the podium Saturday night, a USA Swimming representative said. Lochte put the grill on after he got his gold.
The USA Swimming representative said he was going to talk to Lochte and see which kind of official (IOC, FINA or LOCOG) spoke to him about the mouthpiece. IOC spokesman Mark Adams said he would look into whether Lochte was prohibited from wearing his grill on the podium, too.

“I can only speculate that it may have been a uniform issue, that it may not have been part of the uniform,” Adams said.

Photo from Youtube

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