Ryan Lochte: ‘No One-Night-Stands!!!’

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Ryan Lochte is finally clearing up that comment made by his mother, Ike Lochte that her son has not time for a relationship and has one-night stands, “He goes out on one-night stands. He’s not able to give fully to a relationship because he’s always on the go”…well it was taken out of context according to Ryan.Ryan Told Us Weekly, “They took it out of context. My mom is really new to all of this and the media. She meant since the last 4 years I just wanted to focus on swimming, and I didn’t really have time for a relationship.

“When I’m in a relationship, I want to give that person my entire heart and I wasn’t able to ever do that because of swimming. I’m always on the go. So what she meant is that I do go out on dates,” he explains Us. “But its not that thing that everyone is talking about, because that’s not me. I’ve never done that and never have been like that, so I don’t want people to think that about me.”

But, would Lochte call himself a ladies man?

“Well, I love ladies!” he admits to Us with a laugh.

Ryan also gave an interesting TMI interview with Ryan Seacrest admitting he pees in the pool…“I think there’s just something about getting into chlorine water that you just automatically go. I didn’t during the races, but I sure did in warm-up.” Honest…but TMI!!!

Today is Ryan’s 28th birthday!!

Photo from NBC

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