Ryan Lochte Stays Quiet On 10 Month Suspension!

Ryan Lochte Hosts at Azure Luxury Pool in Las Vegas on August 17, 2013

Ryan Lochte had no comment on his 10 month suspension from swimming. The Olympic athlete was peppered with questions from the paparazzo while making his was through LAX and he declined to comment on the situation only confirming he learned of the suspension while on his flight.

He was given a 10 month suspension for lying about his gas station incident during the Olympics in Rio. The pap made sure to ask why Michael Phelps was only given 6 months for his two DUIs. The other swimmers in the incident Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and Jimmy Feigen were given shorter punishments—4 months.

Ryan did open up when asked about Dancing with the Stars—he says he’s nervous and can’t dance.

Photo from PR Photos