The Situation’s Dad Publicly Disses Him!!

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Talk about bashing your family…The Situation’s father is publicly bashing his son after he denied him a ‘favor’…hmmmmmmm I guess the Sitch told him no he wouldn’t give him $$$$$$$.

“I’m calling Mike on his s–t,” says Frank Sorrentino, father of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. “I’ve covered up for Mike his entire life, and when I needed his help, he left me hanging,” continued Mike’s dad. “I think people should know what I know. Hard core partying, drugs, sex, crime elements, you name it, it’s in there.  Some of it’s funny, some of it you won’t believe, and underneath it all, well, it’s a hell of a situation, and I think you know what I mean.  Based on what he did to me, my attitude is f–k the little f–k; I’m not holding anything back.”

Frank Sorrentino has released a few videos bashing his son and spilling his secrets. What a guy!

Of course a book is coming out…Confrontation With Situation.

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