Did Sarah Palin Get Booed on “Dancing” Last Night?

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OMG, how embarrassing…it looks as though Sarah palin may have gotten booed last night on Dancing with the Stars!

What do you think was the Booing for Sarah or some other reason? I think the booing really came from Jennifer Grey not getting a better score even thought she is at the top of the leader board…but the booing came when Tom Bergeron got close to Sarah…we just don’t know!

“There’s booing in the ballroom — we don’t know why,” Burke said, to which Grey responded, “Why is there booing?”

The booing quieted down with no further mention, as the show flipped back to host Tom Bergeron, who was sitting with Palin, the night’s designated guest ballroom commentator.

“I know usually you’re very bashful about giving your opinion about things, but how do you think the show is going so far?” Bergeron asked the former vice presidential nominee.

Palin responded, “This is amazing — it’s so exciting, and it’s great to see all this courage and joy and exuberance by every dancer — its awesome.”

ABC told the Los Angeles Times that the jeers were not directed at the controversial politician, but rather at the judges, for not awarding Grey a trio of perfect scores for her dance efforts.

“They were just expressing their feelings about a really, really good dance,” a network spokeswoman told the paper. “Its not at all unusual.”

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