Selena Gomez Confesses Junk Food Cause of Hospitalization!

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Aww, Selena Gomez has confessed that her addiction to junk food is what led to her hospitalization. She was left malnourished on her very poor diet! But don’t worry she is ok now!

So what happened

“I do eat,” she said on Kidd Kraddick’s radio show in Texas on Thursday. “The problem is I don’t eat right. I love everything that’s possibly not good for me.”

But referring to her “Supermom,” Gomez says she’s getting help doing what’s better for her body.

“She’s definitely shoving vitamins down my mouth and following me around,” she says of her mommy. “But at the same time, I was a stubborn kid, so I got to eat whatever I wanted. I have to have creamed spinach or cheese on my broccoli. I have to have something that makes it not healthy.”

Gomez’s favorite guilty pleasures? “I love M&Ms, Kit Kats, Snickers and Goobers at the movies,” she admits.

Luckily, thanks to her mom’s influence, Gomez is on the path to recovery.

“I’m good now, thank you,” she says. “I’m so much better.”

Photo from ABC (at the Billboard Music Awards)

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