Seriously…Are Avril and Brody really dating?

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That seems like one of the oddest pairings if its true. Maybe they are just hanging out…Supposedly Avril went on a double date with Brody and his step sis, Khloe and Lamar…

“Avril and Khloe didn’t seem like they were close friends, but they were definitely getting along and laughing. They were all dancing and taking pictures,” an insider dishes to OK!.

So were the non-married dates in that group just palling around? Hardly!

“Avril and Brody are definitely dating,” affirmed the source. “Avril sat on Brody’s lap, he held her hand and he had his other hand on her leg. They were drinking vodka and champagne. There were a bunch of Lakers stopping by their table but even after everyone else left, the four of them stayed until closing. Both couples left hand in hand.”

Seriously? WTF?

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