Shakira: Losing The Baby Weight Is ‘Stressful’

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Shakira has done a great job losing her baby weight, but she wa srushed since she was back on The Voice two months after giving birth to son, Milan. “[Losing baby weight] is the only thing that’s been a little stressful,” Shakira said during the NBCUniversal’s press day.“I knew I had to come back here to do The Voice two months after I had delivered a baby. I didn’t have my four months of maternity like every woman on earth has. I’m not trying to complain, but it’s been a process full of challenges. I think that our mothers and grandmothers weren’t under the pressure women of today are after delivering a baby. My dad says there’s nothing better than meat over the bones. So he likes my mom a little chubby. She was never under the pressure to have to get to her old weight — and she never did.”

Shakira does Zumba to stay fit, “I do Zumba. Zumba has been actually really great for me,” Shakira said. “Even during pregnancy, I kept doing it until almost the end…now with The Voice, I don’t have time to exercise. And when I have a day off, I just want to be with Milan.”

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