Sharon Osbourne Applauds Kelly’s ‘Fashion Police’ Departure!

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Fashion Police - Season 2013

Something seems a bit fishy. Soon after it was announced that Kelly Osbourne would be stepping down from Fashion Police following the Zendaya-Dreadlocks diss (and then apology from Giuliana Rancic), Sharon Osbourne tweeted, “.@KellyOsbourne, I am so proud of you. You can never be bought. You always wear your heart on your sleeve. #ProudToBeYourMum.”

Umm what does that mean? Was the network trying to buy Kelly’s silence? I wish people would just say what they mean instead of posting cryptic tweets. Kelly became highly upset (and was visibly annoyed during the taping) when Giuliana’s dreadlock diss went viral and Zendaya responded. Zendaya also happens to be friends with Kelly and a former guest on Fashion Police. It’s rumored that Giuliana may not have even come up with the joke, but was the feed the joke during filming!

But in other Fashion Police news, Khloe Kardashian is rumored to be replacing Kelly as she did contribute to some of E!’s post Oscar fashion coverage. But it did seem a it rough, did you see her go in on Anna Kendrick’s dress.

Photo from E!

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