Shia LaBeouf Shows Off Cease And Desist Letter From Daniel Clowes’ Lawyer

"Lawless" Los Angeles Premiere  - Arivals

Shia LaBeouf showed off the cease and desist letter she was slapped with from the lawyer of Daniel Clowes, the comic artist he plagiarized. Shia just keeps going…on Tuesday he tweeted, “Storyboard for my next short “Daniel Boring” its like Fassbinder meets half-baked Nabokov on Gilligan’s Island” a direct pull from Clowes’ comic “David Boring” and later added the hashtag “#original.”Not entirely sure what Shia is thinking right now…he’s gotten so Kanye on us! In case you didn’t know…Shia encountered some legal trouble when he plagiarized Clowes work for his short film, “” At the end of the letter Clowes lawyer writes,  “Leave Mr. Clowes alone and address these problems immediately.”

Shia's plagarismPhoto from PR Photos/Twitter

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