Shia LaBeouf’s Home Privacy Wall Under Scrutiny!

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Shia LaBeouf is a popular guy with fans… but also with stalkers and paparazzi who have attempted to stop by his home to get a peak at the actor so he built a wall to keep his privacy and his neighbors appreciated it built technically the wall is against the law!

According to KTLA,

Shia LaBeouf is defending a high, 120-foot-long wall surrounding his home and other homes in Sherman Oaks. LaBeouf says the wall is necessary to protect their property from “stalkers” and the paparazzi.

But city officials say the wall is illegal.

Neighbors are in favor of the wall say it was built to keep the paparzzi from trespassing on their property. But those opposing the wall say it’s an eyesore and refer to it as “The Great Wall of China.”

A hearing is set for Tuesday in dispute the wall. A letter from actor Shia LaBeouf will be presented to a committee of the Los Angeles City Council, asking council members to allow his neighbors to keep the wall.

The wall sits in front of a house in the 3900 block of Deervale Drive in Sherman Oaks. City offiicials say it is in violation of city building codes.

Both sides are expected to attend the hearing before the city’s Planning and Land Use Committee.

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