Shu Uemura Moyoco Anno Cleansing Oils

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I was flipping through Allure magazine recently when these cute purple and pink bottles caught my eye. They were the Shu Uemura Moyoco Anno Cleansing Oils. I loved the colors plus the cartoon like females on the bottle where adorable. I am always attracted to product packaging…I’m a sucker for it, but the price brought me back to earth at $65-75 a bottle. Talk about expensive for a facial cleanser. I recently bought a St. Ives facial cleanser and at $4 something I thought it was expensive…lol not expensive but I just wanted something cheap at the moment because I really don’t have sensitive or problematic skin.

There are 5 cleansers in the Shu Uemura collection and they are limited edition. Each cleansing oil does something different. I think the reasons the oils are expensive are because the bottles were designed by artist Moyoco Anno. Anyway…the product might be great but I was turned off by the heavy price.

Would you buy a cleanser for $65? Or stick to the $4 one at the drugstore?

Photo from Shu Uemura

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