The Situation Talks About His Addiction, Rehab & Snooki!

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The Situation (Mike Sorrentino) sat down with MTV News and talks going to rehab for prescription-medication addiction and the difficult first days of detox in rehab and he touches on his lost friendship with Snooki.

“Ever since I’ve been out, I’m not gonna lie … it’s not easy.But at the same time, where I’m at right now, I’m at a good place. But it took a little bit to get there. In the beginning? A lot of rainy days, so to speak. A lot of rainy days.”

“Your first day is detox. It’s not a pleasurable experience at all. … In the beginning, for sure, when I was [at the facility] in Utah, I’d wake up and just be extremely disappointed with myself. Like, ‘I can’t believe I got here. How did I get here?’ ” Mike said he worried about how his addiction would impact his family, his health and his mind, and at one point, he wondered if he’d end up another tragic Hollywood headline if he pushed things too far.

The Sitch does regret not being close to Snooki anymore,

“She had my back and I had her back too. We were close for a long time. … I am going to say that I am upset that we’re not as close as we are today. I care about the girl, for sure.”

The Sitch explained what he would apologize for…

“Hurting her feelings. I would never want to hurt that girl’s feelings. That girl is very special to me. If I could turn back the clock, which I always say that I have no regrets … definitely hurting her feelings … and our friendship.”

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